Bullfighting exists in some parts of southern France as well as Spain. Bayonne is the oldest bullfighting town in France and is proud of this tradition that includes the world’s oldest written reference to Running of the Bulls dating from 1289  – part of law concerning the driving of animals through the streets to the slaughter house.

The first Spanish-style bull run dates back to 1701 and took place in an arena on the Place de la Liberté in honour of King Philippe V of Spain. The modern day version of the bullfight which so fascinated Hemingway emerged in France, again in Bayonne in the St Esprit area. The neo moorish style arena was inaugurated in 1893 and, with a capacity of 10,400, is the largest in South West France. Every season the world’s top matadors fight prize bulls on the sandy floor of this legendary arena.


5 CORRIDAS including the Goyesque bleue and 2 NOVILLADAS

­­For its Temporada 2023, the City of Bayonne is proposing a programme of five dates on the occasion of the Fêtes de Bayonne 2023 and the Feria de l'Atlantique in September.



Friday 28th July at 6.30pm: "White" Festival Bullfight.
6 Toros by Juan Manuel CRIADO (Mérida).
Toreros: CLEMENTE, Jesús Enrique COLOMBO, Dorian CANTON.

Saturday 29 July at 6.30pm, Corrida on horseback.
6 Toros by Romão TENORIO (Portugal).
Toreros: Miguel MOURA, Léa VICENS, Guillermo HERMOSO DE MENDOZA.

FERIA DE L'ATLANTIQUE - September 2023

September 1, 2 and 3

An almost historic Atlantic Feria. A mix of stars, novelties, freshness and originality... 3 bullfights and 2 novilladas.

Friday 1st September, at 7pm, Blue Corrida Goyesca.
6 Toros de GARCIGRANDE (Salamanca).
Toreros: Juan LEAL, Andrés ROCA REY, Adrien Salenc "ADRIANO".

Saturday 2 September

In the morning at 11am, Novillada with picadors.

  • 6 Novillos de LOS MAÑOS (Zaragoza).
  • Novilleros: Lalo deMARÍA, Mario NAVAS, Tristán BARROSO.

In the afternoon, an exceptional 6-toro bullfight.

  • 6 Bulls from PEDRAZA DE YELTES (Salamanque).
  • Bullfighters : Morenito de ARANDA, Joaquín GALDÓS, David de MIRANDA, Rafael SERNA, Jorge ISIEGAS, El RAFI.

Sunday 3rd September

In the morning at 11am, Novillada without picadors.

  • 6 Erales from the South West.

In the afternoon at 5.30 pm, the big closing bullfight.

  • 6 Bulls of Zacarías MORENO (Madrid).
  • Bullfighters : Daniel LUQUE, Emilio DE JUSTO, Alternative d'Alejandro MORA.

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