Wander through Bayonne with your kids in any season and you’ll always find something to do! There are many parks with open air games and free entry, like the one at Poterne in the ramparts. For older children, a skate park is laid out at the top end of the Champ de Foire (Fairground) parking area, with sections suited to all skill levels.

The Basque Museum is great for a cultural interlude. The 20 themed rooms take you through the history of the Basque people, houses and local myths and legends. A great idea for a rainy day.

Just as much fun for those with a sweet tooth is the chocolate workshop. The 450m long discovery trail retraces the history of chocolate with tastings and children’s workshops. A must-do.

In France, 4pm is time for childrens’ Goûter a sweet snack to keep them going before their evening meal. In Bayonne you are spoiled for choice: the excellent frothy hot chocolate from Cazenave one of Bayonne’s oldest chocolate makers, or let yourself be tempted by the tasty patisseries (cakes and pastries) from the many tea rooms: Raux, Le Belzunce, Chocolats Pascal… Make the most of the pedestrian town centre and enjoy a carefree afternoon shopping.

Terra Aventura is inspired by a worldwide game called Geocaching. It's a treasure hunt that can be played outdoors, using a GPS or a mobile application. Riddles to solve, clues to pick up, treasures to find... 2 routes are available in Bayonne: "Bayonne, the chocolate town!" & "Everyone seeks their own style!" (street-art).
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