Bayonne is certainly not a city that lacks character. The same can be said of the Basque Country, of which Bayonne is the economic hub. This is a landscape in which red and white houses cling to lush green hillsides and where the ocean constantly beckons, inviting us to explore distant shores.
A land of contrasts, a land bound to the sea, the Basque Country still remains "this little corner of France where happiness blooms, where one can experience the joys of Paradise before time", as the ‘prince of light’ Luis Mariano, an enthusiastic ambassador for the region, liked to see it. In fact, he paid Bayonne the greatest compliment possible in dedicating a song to the town:

Bayonne mon amour. (Bayonne my love) "Bayonne vous appelle, répondez-lui présent!" (Bayonne is calling you, reply, ‘here I am!’)


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