For several years, Bayonne has been working to reduce the number of cars in the city centre. Easily recognisable by their green colour, these electric buses run throughout the city. They are free of charge and run every day between 07h30 and 19h30, except on Sundays and public holidays.

Their route includes some of the most visited and representative places in the city centre: the museums, the Church of San Andrés, the Cathedral or the Old Castle, for example.

There are currently two lines running through the city centre:

The N1 runs between Glain and Porte de Espagne (frequency every 13 minutes).
The N2 runs from Saint-Esprit to Les Arènes (every 18 minutes).

This is a pleasant and environmentally friendly way of getting around Bayonne, and you can leave your car in the car parks located around the city.

Find out about the free bus routes in real time or download the Zenbus application.

The circuit map

Download the shuttle route.

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