Free shuttles


For several years, Bayonne has been committed to reducing car traffic in its centre. Easily recognisable thanks to their orange or green colour, electric shuttles crisscross the entire city. They’re free and operate every day from 7.30am to 7.30pm except Sundays and public holidays.

The busiest places in the centre and must-see sites are served every 13 minutes: museums, Saint-André church, cathedral and Château-Vieux are all, of course, on the route. A second route now connects the Saint-esprit district to that of the Arènes.
Leave your car in the car parks around the city and explore the central area at will!
To monitor your shuttles live : Download the Zenbus app.


Public transport 

Bayonne's public transport network is managed by Chronoplus, which promotes sustainable travel. All these mobilities are grouped under the name "TkikTxak" in reference to the expression used in pelota. Today, Bayonne has four public transport networks, making life easier for locals and visitors alike, and encouraging sensible, responsible travel.

You too can find the alternative that suits you best !



All over the city, dozens of buses crisscross our roads to serve as many stops as possible. In Bayonne and its surroundings, every day, 16 regular lines take you from one town to another. Boucau, Tarnos, Mouguerre, Anglet, Biarritz and Bidart, the city has everything in place to ensure a quality network which combines ease of access and speed.

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A line 1 now occupied by the city’s Tram'Bus that’s 100% connected !
Between Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz, covering 12 kilometres and more than 30 stations, the Tram'Bus is accessible to all, from 5.30am to half-past midnight, and until 2.30am from Thursday to Saturday.
Practical, reliable, modern and environmentally friendly, the Tram'Bus makes daily life easier with convenient time slots.
The latest addition in recent times is a second line partially in service that serves the stops from Tarnos to Bassussary.

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Electric bikes 


Do you need a bike to visit Bayonne and the surrounding area or to get around?

From 1 June 2023, rent Pony 2-seater electric bicycles in Bayonne and a number of towns in the Basque Country and southern Landes.

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Tuk Tuk

The tuk tuks of Bayonne, those little 3-wheel motorised vehicles, originating from Thailand, can accommodate up to 6 people each. Meeting strict environmental and safety standards, they have been adopted by the city of Bayonne.

Experienced drivers/guides invite you to discover our beautiful city of Bayonne in an original way.

To buy a ticket for a visit or for private hire, go to the Bayonne Tourist Office.

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