Internally at the Tourist Office :

Simple instructions that become daily habits.
Some examples of the internal rules on behaviours to adopt :

  • Remember to turn off all lights and electronic devices at the end of the day
  • Don’t reply by post if a simple email is all that’s needed
  • Ideally order eco-label hygiene and office products
  • Sort your waste
  • Avoid car travel as much as possible

Externally, for you :

Behind simple gestures, actions put in place to make you more aware of sustainable development, and our local economy.
Within the city of Bayonne, lots of different actions have been set up by the Tourist Office to offer you services that are part of a sustainable development approach.

OT Bayonne
Tourist Reception

To offer the best support during your stay, the Tourist Office organises a mobile welcome that comes to you throughout the season, always offering a responsible approach. Indeed, this summer, you’ll probably see our Urbaner, an electric bike that will be circulating around the streets of Bayon.


At the Bayonne Tourist Office, a shop area is available for you to take a little piece of us home with you. And because it’s essential for us to be part of the local economy, the products on sale in our shop aim to promote regional, departmental and local products with information on where they come from.


At the Bayonne Tourist Office, you have the option to pay in Eusko. To become players in a sustainable, responsible local economy that promotes short circuits, spend your holidays using Eusko and discover a different side of the Basque Country.
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