Jardin botanique

A city full of nature

This city, full of architecture and historical monuments, also offers lots of green spaces accessible to all. Plains, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens and playgrounds, nature in the city really is possible !

Jardins Bonnat et Cassin

 The Ansot Plain, At the gates to the city of Bayonne, this unique natural space, spread over a hundred hectares, is THE unmissable meeting place for nature lovers !
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Parks, squares and gardens, spaces which visitors and inhabitants alike bring to life. On the outskirts of the city, enjoy the seasonal plants and flowers and the thousands of trees that have taken root on the city's roads all year round.
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The shared gardens, you’ll find them in several areas of the city, notably in Saint-Esprit and even Sainte-Croix. These sharing spaces set up to conserve biodiversity in urban areas and encourage environmentally friendly practices allow residents to cultivate collectively.


A clean city

Thanks to the collection services of the Basque Country Community, your waste is removed and processed! A schedule is available all year round to find out the collection times in Bayonne city centre. Of course, you can also go to the bins provided for this purpose on the outskirts of your neighbourhood.
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Together, we work with the municipality and the various departments to keep our city clean, because it’s everyone's responsibility.


Animals in the city

For a healthy city and its inhabitants/visitors, the city fights to control pests such as rodents and harmful insects.
Rat extermination twice a year, provision of a hygiene service … the city uses a variety of actions so people can live better.

For stray cats, in collaboration with animal protection associations, the city regularly sterilises cats declared abandoned.

As for bees, the city looks after them. As part of its process of preserving biodiversity and sustainable development, the city aims to combat the disappearance of bees.
As a result, you’ll find two apiaries on the outskirts of the city, with an educational purpose to help us understand the importance of their role in our society and for our environment.

We’ll end with the most original municipal officials, Bayonne’s goats. At the ramparts, you’ll meet these dwarf goats, which for more than ten years have replaced mowers and other petrol-powered machines.

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