Throughout the region, you can enjoy a complete transport network that lets you find an alternative to the private car.
Carpooling, bus, train, “topo” train, bike, shuttles … it’s all set up so you can completely do without the car, or simply park up on arrival and only use it again when you leave.
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Eco-certified activities

In the Basque Country, you can find lots of eco-certified activities. Lovers of nature, water sports or land-based sports are well served by a range of visits to natural sites. With rafting in Bidarray, electric scooters on the Basque coast, or a walk in Izadia Park, you have plenty to keep yourself responsibly occupied during your stay.
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To act together, let's adopt all year round, and especially in summer, certain essential actions to spend a great holiday in a preserved environment, limiting the impact we have on it.

Some reminders of eco-actions to adopt :

Waste :
  • Sort it
  • Take medicines and batteries back to stores
  • Avoid plastic
  • Throw your cigarette butts in the bin
Water :
  • Turn off taps
  • Completely fill dishwashers and washing machines to avoid waste
  • Ideally, take showers
  • Use products with an eco-label in your sinks where possible...
Energy :
  • Turn off lights and other electronic devices
  • Make the most of natural light
  • Don’t heat unnecessarily
  • Close shutters to reduce the temperature in summer
Consumption :
  • Buy organic or eco-labelled products
  • Buy local, seasonal products at our many markets, or directly from the farm
  • Find out where products come from
Travel :
  • Use public transport
  • Use carpooling where possible
  • Use “soft transport” where you can: on foot, by bike...
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Buy eco :

Many brands in the Basque Country are aware of environmental issues. Local brands, using short circuits, combat the harmful effects of consumption, and encourage us to consume better, and responsibly. From organic cosmetics to protect the ocean with Laboratoires de Biarritz, to recycled clothes with Hopaal, in the Basque Country you can consume locally, and responsibly !
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