Bayonne is the capital of the region's top sport: Basque Pelota which is played on a trinquet (enclosed court) or a fronton (open court). The trinquet moderne, historic site on which King Louis XIV played an ancestral version of the game while staying in St Jean de Luz for his wedding in 1660, and the more avant-garde glass walled trinquet St André play host to championship games, demonstrations and international competitions.

Rugby is the most popular sport in the South West of France and Bayonne is very proud of its rugby team, the Aviron Bayonnais who's blue and white colours can be seen all around town. Bayonne play in France's TOP 14 premier league and hold matches all year round in the unique atmosphere of the Jean Dauger Stadium.

The rugby club is part of a multisport club who's colours and name originated from a rowing club founded in 1904. The French national rowing team still recruits many of its members from Bayonne where the sport has developed thanks to the fabulous natural waterways of the Nive and Adour rivers. Aviron Bayonnais competes in a variety of other sports including football, basketball, athletics, swimming, handball, pelota, judo and boxing.

Finally, why not hit a few balls against the spectacular backdrop of lush Basque hills on the 18-hole par-72 golf course of Makila Golf Club in Bayonne Bassussarry. 


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