Bayonne is a true capital of French gastronomy and Basque cuisine.
Bayonne has a long history with chocolate and is today home to many of France's top chocolatiers (specialist chocolate makers) where you can enjoy shopping or just relaxing with a deliciously frothy hot chocolate from Bayonne's oldest chocolate maker Cazenave.

Famed for its ham, the excellent Jambon de Bayonne, you can find the award winning Ibaiona ham or take a tour of Pierre Ibaialde's Atelier and visit the salting-tub and drying room. The tour ends with a tasting.

Pleasure is a way of life in Bayonne and its many restaurants offer the best in French and local cuisine: Axoa de veau (minced veal), merlu koskera (hake), piperade (scrambled eggs with peppers), omelette à la morue (salt cod omelette), chuleta (meat cutlet)...You can also experience the Spanish influence, from delicious tapas in the local Bodegas, to dinner in one of the Basque cidreries (cider houses) where you serve your own glass of cider straight from the vat.

Make your visit easy by using one of the many car parks with free bus transfer to the town centre. Stops are every 200m and buses run every 10 min from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm every day except Sundays and public holidays.

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